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Deborah Carlson

Deborah Carlson

I have been drawing forever and it began with every girl’s dream of horses and owning one. Growing up in the 50’s and 60’s was an era lacking in computers and the internet but bursting with full time art instructors at every level of education with an assortment of classes which I took full advantage of enrolling in.  Summers were spent taking art classes at Rourke Art Studio in Moorhead and drawing in the front yard.

As an educator, I began teaching at the public school level in Warwick, North Dakota, continued through the Fargo-Moorhead School System and Shanley High School. For the past 23 years I have been the art instructor at Lake Region State College teaching Drawing I and II, Ceramics I and II, Crafts, Two Dimensional  Design and yes, Drawing I and II Online! It can be done and with great success!

Past summers have been spent teaching Summer School in Fargo, an instructor at the Nelson County Arts Camp, holding colored pencil workshops in Fargo, Pekin and Devils Lake and creating my own art work. Presently I am working in colored pencil and clay in my studios on the Ranch.

Online and On-Campus art courses: Spring Semester 2015

ART 130-1 (Drawing I)
ART130-20 (Drawing I Online)
ART 230-1 (Drawing II)
ART 230-20 (Drawing II Online)
ART 140-1 (Crafts)
ART 250-1 (Ceramics I)
ART 251-1 (Ceramics II)
ART 299 (Special Topics)

Drawing I
Paper Bag in Value
Drawing II
Jonathon Value Drawing
 Ceramics I
Taylor's Reliquary
Ceramics II
Josie Teapot Tiny
Silk Hoop Painting
Online Drawing
Contour Drawing



Space Mural Created in a Collaboration between the Science and Art Departments


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