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Volleyball All Skills Camp Registration

Before you Register

  • A $25 Non-Refundable Deposit is REQUIRED to reserve your spot at camp, please send check to:
    Lake Region State College
Attn: Volleyball Camp
1801 College Drive N
Devils Lake, ND 58301
    OR Pay your FULL Registration Fee Online
  • We need an Parental Form filled out, if possible upload it at the end of the registration below.


  • Download the Parental Form. Both player and parent/guardian will be required to sign the form. If possible scan the form and upload at the end of the form. If this isn't possible mail the form to:
    Lake Region State College
Attn: Volleyball Camp
1801 College Drive N
Devils Lake, ND 58301
  • All fields marked by * are REQUIRED.
  • Once the form is submitted, you will need to submit payment (at least the $25 Non-Refundable Deposit) by mail or online.
*Camp Option:
A minimum of $25 must be paid to reserve a spot for camp. Remaining costs can be paid the first day of camp.
*First Name:
*Last Name:
*Grade Fall of 2013:
*Email Address:
*T Shirt Size:
Please list any medical concerns that you/guardian might have....
Medical Concerns:
*Parent Phone #:
*Emergency Contact:
*Emergency Contact Phone #:
I understand that Lake Region State College is not responsible for any injury that may result from the participation in any camp activities by the named student, that could occur at any time within camp scheduled dates. I understand LRSC is not responsible for damaged, stolen, or loss of personal property of the student. I acknowledge that the student above is in good health and is physically prepared to participate in these activities. I realize the risks involved to the student in participating in the camp. I will pay, or cover through my insurance, any costs that may arise due to medical or hospital expenses that could be acquired as a result of the treatment given to the named student for illness or injury while attending or following the Lake Region Area Volleyball camp. I authorize the camp staff to use their best judgment in the case of any medical emergency. The named student agrees to wear proper clothing and shoes during the participation in the activities and camp stay. The student agrees to conduct herself in a proper manner while participating in the camp activities that are being held, failure to do so; the student will be asked to leave at my expense and cannot return to Lake Region Area Volleyball camp.
Please upload Signature Page