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What is a Community College?


Lake Region State College is a community college which means it offers two degree options. Students may enroll in the transfer-track where they complete the first two years of a four-year bachelor degree program, or enroll in one of about twenty technical programs which can be completed in two years.


Students who enroll in the transfer-track complete two years of liberal arts study at LRSC and transfer to the universities of their choice as junior-status (third-year) college students. This transfer process is very common in the United States, and students who work closely with their advisors experience no difficulty making the transfer from Lake Region State College to a university.

Technical Programs

Students who enroll in technical programs are prepared for quick entry into the workforce with earning power that, in some cases, out-paces bachelor degree graduates. Most technical degrees include requirements for a number of general education courses. Often, students complete a technical degree and the transfer-track degree simultaneously, creating an opportunity to earn good wages while continuing their education.

See our programs pages for more information about our transfer and technical degrees.

32_Megan_Cantellano"I first intended to come to the States to play basketball and study at the same time. My goal was a different environment to what I am used to. This was what came into play when i chose Lake Region: it's a small town compared to the city I'm used to and a completely different atmosphere. I saw this as a good experience and decided to pursue it. My coach had told me it is a family environment and everyone is very friendly including the girls I would play with, this helped me gain confidence in making the big decision. The university has met my expectations to a high standard, the students and teachers are very understanding, caring and very helpful and are always there when I need something or miss something because we were away for a game."

-Megan Cantellano


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