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Transfer Students

Lake Region State College is a great institution to help students get on track with their education. LRSC offers many student support services for transfer students and offers many programs to continue with your studies.

You are a transfer student, if you have taken courses from a post-secondary institution other than Lake Region State College after you graduated from high school. Lake Region State College offers housing accommodations, ranging from our on-campus halls to family housing just south of campus, and multiple meal plans for students to choose from to fit their needs.

Credits earned by students who have completed post-secondary courses after high school at regionally accredited colleges or universities may be accepted for transfer credit at LRSC. General guidelines for acceptance of transfer credit:

  1. Official transcripts from all institutions previously attended must be provided by degree-seeking students.  To be “official” the transcript must be in an unopened envelope sealed by the sending institution.
  2. The Registrar’s Office will review and record transfer credit from previous courses within two weeks of receipt of official transcripts whenever possible, as follows:
    • Remedial courses will not be accepted for college credit, but may fulfill prerequisite requirements for college level courses.
    • Common numbered courses will transfer in as the direct equivalent course at LRSC if such exists; or will be applied to General Education subject area requirements, (such as Arts/ Humanities, Social Science, Math/Science, etc. if appropriate,) otherwise will transfer in as general elective credit.
    • Institutions within the North Dakota University System have streamlined the transfer process between campuses with the General Education Requirement Transfer Agreement (GERTA) that is explained  in detail at:
    • Credits from institutions on the quarter system will be converted to semester hour credits.
    • Credit by examination, life experience, or any credit awarded by another institution will be excluded in transfer credit evaluations. (Additional documentation must be provided for evaluation.)
    • Graduate level courses, as defined on the transferring institution’s transcript legend, will not be considered for transfer.
  3. Students intending to graduate from LRSC must earn their final 15 semester hours of credit at LRSC.
  4. Transfer credits will not be included in the student’s institutional or cumulative GPA at LRSC.

Admissions Checklist:

  1. Application for Admissions- choose Transfer Student as admit type
    (a one time $35 application fee is required)
  2. High School Transcript Request Form or GED test results
  3. Immunization record
  4. ACT or ACCUPLACER Testing
    (if you haven't taken your ACT or Compass Test see the testing schedule)
  5. College transcript(s), if applicable. Request from the Registrar's Office of the institution granting credits.

Lake Region State College is an open-admission college. After submitting the required documents students will be mailed a letter of acceptance and information about registering for classes.

What's Next?

  • File your FAFSA (Free Application For Student Aid) for student financial aid
  • Fill out the LRSC Scholarship form and check out other scholarships that you are eligible to receive.
    Don't know what scholarships are available? Speak with Katie Nettell, our Directory of Financial Aid, and your high school counselor for more information about scholarships available.
  • Planning on living on-campus? Fill out the housing application online or mail the application back.
  • Don't qualify for financial aid? Check-out payment plan options as an alternative.
  • Any other questions? Ask Admissions and they will help you, or direct you to the right person for your situation.
  • Learn about Campus Connection. What Campus Connection can do, the mobile app and keeping your information up-to-date.

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