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 Q: Do I complete an application for admission for Lake Region State College (LRSC) or the University of North Dakota (UND)?
 A: You will complete an application online for Lake Region State College. You can find the link at and click on Apply Now.
 Q: I already paid the $35 UND Application Fee. Do I have to pay the $35 Lake Region State College Application Fee?
 A: Yes. When you submit your application in to Lake Region State College, you will need to include a $35 non-refundable application fee. Upon completion of LAUNCH! students who apply to UND for admission as a transfer student will not be required to pay another $35 fee to UND for the second application.
 Q: My ACT/SAT scores were sent to UND. Do I need to send my ACT/SAT scores to Lake Region State College?
 A: Yes. Receipt of ACT scores is part of Lake Region State College's admission process. 
 Q: Do I have to take any placement tests?
 A: As long as your ACT is recent (less than 5 years old), you will not need to take any placement tests. However, if you do not have an ACT, or it is older than 5 years, you will need to take a placement test.
 Q: My high school transcript was sent to UND. Does Lake Region State College also need a copy of transcript?
 A: Yes. You must have an official copy of your high school transcript sent from your high school to Lake Region State College. 
 Q: Can I attend the LAUNCH! Program part-time? 
 A: Yes. You can attend the LAUNCH! Program part-time, but students must complete the program by the fall of the following year. 
 Q: Will there be an orientation for LAUNCH! students? 
 A: Yes. There will be an orientation program for LAUNCH! students. Please contact Cindy Rerick at (701) 777-4901 for information. 
 Q: Can I tour the UND campus, having the LAUNCH! program highlighted (where my classes will be held)?
 A: Yes. A UND campus tour will be conducted during orientation.
 Q:  When/how do I register for my classes and how will I know what my schedule will be (times/days, etc)?
 A:  You will work closely with the coordinator of the program to determine your schedule. Registration for courses will occur during Registration Day held in the summer, usually in July or August.
 Q:  What classes will I be taking?
 A:  You will work closely with your advisor to determine the courses you will be taking. You will register for courses on Registration Day.
 Q:  Who is my advisor for the LAUNCH! program?
 A:  Cindy Rerick, the LAUNCH! Coordinator will be your advisor. She can be reached (701) 777-4901 or by email at
 Q:  What is the total of my tuition, housing and student fees for the LAUNCH! program?
 A:  Students will pay LRSC tuition for LRSC classes and UND tuition for UND classes. If you are a Minnesota resident you must complete the reciprocity form to receive the in-state tuition rate. You can review your billing statement on Campus Connect. Please go to the following site for further information regarding LRSC fees and to for UND tuition and fees Your housing costs will be based UND’s Housing Board Rates. Please go to the following site for information
 Q:  When is my bill due?
 A:  Tuition, fees, and housing payment and financial aid distribution begins during the 3rd week of classes each semester. Check the balance due on Campus Connection.
 Q:  How do I pay my bill?
 A:  You can pay your bill online at You can also pay by check, cash, credit card, debit card or wire transfer. Contact the LRSC Business Office with questions at 1-800-443-1313.
 Q:  What if I cannot pay my bill by the due date?
 A:  If you cannot pay your bill by the tuition and fee payment date or your financial aid has not been completed or applied to your account; you may enroll in a payment/deferral plan with LRSC. You can access this form online at Students will be withdrawn from courses if a payment plan is not established by the due date. Students will not be able to register for the next semester until all bills are paid.
 Q:  Where do I send the first installment and contract for housing?
 A:  The first installment, contract, and other housing information should be sent directly to UND Housing at UND Housing Office, 525 Stanford Road, Stop 9029, Grand Forks, ND 58202-9029.
 Q:  I will be living in the Residence Halls at UND; do I have the option of living with my friend in UND’s residence halls?
 A:  Yes. Roommate requests must be mutual and are not guaranteed. The applicant and the roommate must both request identical hall preferences.
 Q:  Do I need to tell the housing office I am a LAUNCH! student when applying for residence halls?
 A:  No.
 Q:  Do I move in to my residence hall the same time as other new students?
 A:  Yes.
 Q:  Can I attend Welcome Weekend, along with my family?
 A:  Yes. You and your family will be invited to participate. Welcome Weekend is held the weekend before classes start. Please go online to for more information.
 Q:  How does a Launch! student receive financial aid?
 A:  You will be a Lake Region State College student. Financial aid will be administered through LRSC. You must complete a Free Application for Federal Student Aid,, to be considered for financial aid.
 Q:  On my financial aid form, I had listed my information to go to UND; how do I get my financial aid information transferred to LRSC?
 A:  You will have to add Lake Region State College’s school code (002991) to your FAFSA application. If you have submitted an electronic application, you can do this by going to; and select Add or Delete a School Code to change the schools listed on your Student Aid Report.
 Q:  How will I know my financial aid has been awarded?
 A:  Lake Region State College will send the student an award letter outlining the type of financial aid they are eligible to receive. Students can view and accept their financial aid online on Campus Connection. Students need to respond to the award notification or it is not processed.
 Q:  When is financial aid disbursed?
 A:  Financial aid is disbursed prior to the tuition and fee payment date, which is the 3rd week of classes at Lake Region State College.
 Q:  Is there a way to charge books to my financial aid?
 A:  Students with excess financial aid or who have entered into a LRSC Payment Plan may charge books. Contact the LRSC business office to make arrangement to charge books. The business office can be reached at (701) 662-1567.
 Q:  How do I know what textbooks I will need to purchase?
 A:  The Launch! Coordinator will be able to assist you with knowing what textbooks you will need to purchase and from which school.
 Q:  Do I purchase my books at UND’s bookstore or do I buy them on Lake Region’s campus?
 A:  You will purchase the books from both campuses, depending on which institution is offering your course. You will be able to purchase your Lake Region State College books at the campus bookstore in Devils Lake or online from their website at When ordering online with the bookstore, you will have the option of having the books shipped directly to the LAUNCH! Coordinator’s office.  When ordering online they will request a credit card, but you will be able to charge your books to Financial Aid if you are receiving excess aid.
 Q:  How do I get a UND student ID?
 A:  You will get your UND student ID during LAUNCH! Registration. You will need to bring a picture ID to receive your U-Card. Acceptable forms of photo ID's include: Driver's License, state issued Identification Card, or Passport.
 Q: When can I start using the Chester Fritz Library and other student services available at UND?
 A:  You may use student services at UND on the first day of classes. You will need a UND student ID.
 Q:  Will I be able to attend UND athletic events?
 A:  Yes. With your UND student ID, you will have the same access to athletic events as other UND students.
 Q:  Can I use the UND Wellness Center?
 A:  Yes. With your UND student ID, you will have the same access to the Wellness Center as other UND students.
 Q:  Can I use Student Health Services that are available on campus, and what do they charge?
 A:  Yes. You will have the same access to Student Health as other UND students with your UND student ID. There is no charge for the office visit. Charges for procedures and medications will be run through your health insurance as long as they have your information on file. Any excess not covered through insurance will be put on your student account.
 Q:  How do LRSC and UND communicate with the student?
 A:  LRSC and UND use email as the official form of communication. Students must maintain and check their and accounts for important campus communication. Students are responsible for making sure their email address is current in Campus Connection.

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