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Collaborative Students

Lake Region State College collaborative students are students earning a degree from LRSC, but taking a course(s) at another North Dakota University System institution within the same term. Lake Region State College is your home institution, while the institution from which you are taking courses, but not earning a degree is your provider.

To qualify as a collaborative student, you must meet the following criteria:

  • Be a fully admitted student and be receiving your degree from Lake Region State College
  • You cannot have any negative service indicators preventing enrollment
  • You must be enrolled in at least one course at Lake Region State College for the term
  • You cannot exceed 18 semester hours total for the term without appropriate approval
  • You must meet all prerequisites set by the provider institution
  • Graduate level and correspondence courses are not eligible for collaborative registration

Registering as a collaborative student may be a benefit if you are using the credits for Financial Aid at Lake Region State College. Consider your collaborative registration very carefully and if you have any questions contact:

Paula Zielske,, 701-662-1671

As part of your Collaborative Registration, Lake Region State College will complete the following:

  • Credits taken at provider institutions will be combined with credits at LRSC for financial aid purposes.
  • Tuition owed to your provider institution will be added to your bill at Lake Region State College.
  • Bookstore charges will be added to your account at Lake Region State College.
  • A transcript from your provider institution will automatically be requested at the end of the semester and credits will be transferred to Lake Region State College.

Collaborative Registration Process:

  • Submit the Collaborative Course Formwhich is emailed to Student Affairs at LRSC
  •  LRSC reviews your request and verifies your eligibility to take the requested courses collaboratively
  • LRSC passes the request to the provider institution
  • Provider institution registers you in Campus Connection and emails you a copy of your schedule.  You are not registered until you receive this confirmation email.
  • Once you are registered at the provider institution a hold will be placed on your account preventing you from making any changes. To make changes to your schedule, you must email the Collaborative Coordinator at Lake Region State College.
  • All drop and refund deadlines at Lake Region State College will apply to this course

Due to the turnaround time, you are strongly encouraged to submit your registration request before the first day of classes.

What's Next?

  • File your FAFSA (Free Application For Student Aid) for student financial aid
  • Fill out the LRSC Scholarship form and check out other scholarships that you are eligible to receive.
    Don't know what scholarships are available? Speak with Katie Nettell, our Directory of Financial Aid, and your high school counselor for more information about scholarships available.
  • Planning on living on-campus? Fill out the housing application online or mail the application back.
  • Don't qualify for financial aid? Check-out payment plan options as an alternative.
  • Any other questions? Ask Admissions and they will help you, or direct you to the right person for your situation.
  • Learn about Campus Connection. What Campus Connection can do, the mobile app and keeping your information up-to-date.

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