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International Students


International Program


  • Every year LRSC welcomes a number of international students to its campus, and they have made a valuable contribution to the campus learning climate.
  • LRSC wants to give its students many opportunities to learn about role they play in the world. We especially welcome those who are willing to share information about their countries and their rich and diverse cultures.
  • International students willing to act as ambassadors for their home countries are invited to apply for status as International Scholars.

Requirements for Admission

All international students seeking admission to Lake Region State College must submit the following admission items.

  1. Apply Online or print and fill out the Admission Application Form.

    Once you submit all necessary documents to complete your Application, LRSC Admissions Committee will process application and make its determination. If you are accepted, you will receive a letter and Form I-20. Students not accepted will also be notified.

    application Deadline
     Semester Deadline
     Fall (August)
    July 15
    Spring (January)
    November 1
    Summer (June)
    April 1

  2. Application Fee

    One-time $35 (US currency) non-refundable application fee must be submitted along with Application for Admission. The check or money order must be payable to Lake Region State College. The application fee should be sent promptly to avoid delay in processing.

  3. Evidence of English language proficiency

    A satisfactory score of 525 (paper) or 71 (IBT) or higher on TOEFL (Test of English as a Foreign Language) is required for those applicants whose native language is not English. Evidence of successful completion of ELS Language Center level 109, or official IELTS (International English Language Testing System) score of 6.0 or better are also accepted. For more information on the requirements please see the NDUS Policy & Procedure Manual. Students with special language concerns should contact International Student Advisor.

  4. Financial Statement

    US Immigration requires that all international students produce evidence of their capability to meet all financial obligations while attending school in the United States. It is absolutely essential for you to submit statement of financial support and supporting documentation (bank statements, scholarship award letters, sponsorship letters) verifying that funds are currently available and will be so for each subsequent year of study at LRSC.

  5. Transcripts Must be Approved by WES

    Applicants must provide all transcripts from non-US educational institutions to WES (World Education Services). This is required before admission can be granted. You will find all information you need at It is critical that you read and follow the "Required Documents" information specific to your country of study. If transcripts and diplomas are in languages other than English, you must provide a translation. Any fees that occur for this process will be the applicants responsibility. For more information on the transcript requirements please see the NDUS Policy & Procedure Manual.

  6. Health Requirements

    • Proof of immunizations for measles, mumps, and rubella (2 shots) is required for all students planning to attend classes on campus. If living in the residence hall and under 21 years old, student must have the Meningococcal vaccines. If necessary, these immunizations can be administered after you arrival.

    • Under state regulations, foreign students are subject tuberculosis screening (TST) upon their arrival. Testing is required of new students from all countries except those classified by U.S. health officials as "low risk for tuberculosis".

    • International Students are also required to purchase the state medical insurance policy.


International Scholar Program

International Scholar Program is a special opportunity for international students to serve as ambassadors for their home countries and assist with campus efforts to encourage global understanding.

Students who qualify as International Scholars will attend Lake Region State College at reduced tuition rates. Check out the International Scholar Brochure. In addition to items listed on the requirements tab, candidates for the International Scholars program must also enclose:
  • Essay

    To request International Scholar status in a brief essay (in English) describe your academic preparation, reasons for choosing a particular program, the suitability of your education and experience for chosen program, as well as your personal interests and career goals. Essay must also discuss your experience and ability to understand and accept cultural differences. It must also show your willingness to assist with campus goals to encourage global understanding.
  • Letters of Support

    Submit letters (in English) from two individuals (community leaders or school officials) who know you well and can discuss their perception of your ability to be a good student and good citizen of our college. (Students applying at the request of the LRSC athletic department are exempt from this requirement.)
  • Application for Campus Housing

    International Scholar participants are required to live on-campus, print out and complete an International Application for Campus Housing form. Form should be included in application packet.
  • International Student Athlete

    Every year several international students who are outstanding athletes and capable students are invited to enroll and join the volleyball, basketball, baseball, softball and golf teams. To explore this option contact the athletic department.

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Visa Information

For information on how to apply for student visa please visit:
U.S. Department of State

U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services

Visa Tips for F-1 Visas



For International Scholars enrolling at Lake Region State College

Health Records The Health Department in the State of North Dakota requires all college/university students to provide documentation of two immunization for measles, mumps and rubella (MMR). In addition, students aged 21 and under are required to provide documentation of one meningococcal immunization. A student who does not have such records may receive the immunization at the local health office after arriving on campus.  In addition, most international students are required to be tested for tuberculosis during their first week on campus. Students who test positive must take a chest x-ray and may be asked to take an antibiotic medication. The health insurance policy that students purchase will pay most of the costs for these procedures.

Scholarshi pStudents who qualify for the International Scholar program receive a 50% reduction in tuition. This award is renewable for four consecutive semesters (2 years) for students who maintain satisfactory academic progress. A student who transfers to another university prior to completing the two-year Associate degree will be required to return all scholarship funding received. Scholarship recipients are expected to participate in culture-sharing activities as their schedules allow. LRSC encourages students to bring clothing, recipes, pictures, and other items that can be used when talking to campus and community groups about their home country.

Housing/Food Students who receive the International Scholarship are required to live on campus and to purchase the Diamond meal plan. This plan provides at least one meal a day during holidays and class breaks (winter holiday, spring break, Easter, and others). Most students choose to have a roommate, however students may have a room by themselves (for a higher fee) when there is space available.

Packing Due to luggage limits, LRSC provides a basic set of bedding and towels, and a land-line telephone for international students. Students will need warm winter clothing but may want to wait to purchase these items after arrival. LRSC staff will assist students with winter clothing purchasing decisions, as requested. Luggage is sometimes delayed, so students should place essential supplies and a warm sweater or jacket in their carry-on bag.

Travel plans LRSC staff will meet students arriving in Devils Lake by train or by airplane. There are two daily flights into Devils Lake (DVL) from Denver (DEN). Check the airport website for flight information: Devils Lake also has daily train service provided by Amtrak: Students should provide a complete travel itinerary so we can track progress should flights be delayed. Please carry telephone numbers and email addresses and notify the college of any change in arrival plans. LRSC toll free in USA: 1-800-443-1313; Student Service Office: 1-701-662-1514; cell phone: 1-602-460-2292;


Note:  A transportation charge ($150) is required for meeting students scheduled into the airport in Grand Forks, ND (Devils Lake and Grand Forks are 90 miles apart).

The Community:  To learn more about Devils Lake and the State of North Dakota, please visit and

Kristi Kienast Hernandez, International Student Advisor

Phone: (701) 662-1568 or 1-800-443-1313 ext. 21568

Office of Admissions
(701) 662-1519 or 1-800-443-1313 ext 1519