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Online Summer Admissions FAQ

Hundreds students enroll in courses at Lake Region State College each summer. Summer courses are designed to help students keep on track with their degree progress or complete their degree, early.

Students enroll from all over North Dakota and across the United States, as well as other countries, each summer. Most students need to begin the enrollment process by completing the application for admission. See the LRSC Website for more information. See the list of questions frequently asked questions for more information.

I want to register, but can’t. What should I do?
Students need to start with an application for admission to begin the enrollment process.

I’m a student at another college or university. Can I take a class?
Yes. The best route for students in the North Dakota University System is a Collaborative enrollment, but you must be enrolled in at least one course or credit at your home institution (home institution is the college or university from which you are seeking a degree). If you are not enrolled at your home institution, apply for admission as a non-degree seeking student.

Do I have to pay the $35 admission fee?
Yes, if this is your first course at LRSC you will pay the admission fee. If you have previously attended LRSC, the fee will be waived.

When do summer courses start?
Most courses begin June 6th. Some start earlier. Check the term schedule on the LRSC Website for a list of summer dates.

What is the cost for a class?
Online tuition is charged, at a per credit hour rate of $183/credit hour. Textbooks and supplies can vary and are an additional cost.

I can’t register for English Composition or Math (College Algebra). What should I do?
Placement scores are required by the NDUS for these courses. The most common score is the ACT English and Math sub scores. Other scores can be substituted. See the LRSC Website for test score information. Scores can be submitted to the LRSC Admissions Office.

Placement information is required for Math and English Composition courses. See the LRSC website for details. Submit this information to:

Admissions Office, Lake Region State College, 1801 College Drive North, Devils Lake ND 58301

This information is required for enrollment in all math or English Composition courses.

Is there a specific time that I need to be in class?
Usually, no. Courses are ‘Asynchronous’. That means the instructor and student are not generally in the class at the same time. Online courses are designed to be flexible. Assignments, discussions and quizzes/tests are due on specific days/times during the week or unit. A few courses do utilize a weekly chat session in real time to discuss topics and answer student questions.

Will a book be required for my course?
Most instructors do require a book. See the LRSC Bookstore Website for course textbook requirements.

How is credit transferred to the college or university when the course is complete?
Contact the Registrar’s Office. Request an Official Transcript. See the LRSC Website for more information.

When can I pay my tuition? How do I pay?
Students can pay online using a credit or debit card. Payment can also be submitted to the LRSC Business Office. See LRSC Website for more information.

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