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UND Collaborative Student Information

UND students attending classes at UND while also attending classes at Lake Region State College should register using the UND Collaborative Agreement located under Forms on the UND Registrar's webpage.

Collaborative students enjoy numerous privileges including:

  • Priority 'Early' Registration. Collaborative registration may be submitted at the same time you register for UND classes.
  • Full-time Status. Collaborative registration allows credits taken with Lake Region State College to count toward your full-time status at UND for Federal Student Financial Aid and scholarship programs.
  • One Easy Bill. The bill for LRSC classes appears on your UND student account. No separate payment required to LRSC.
  • No $35 Application Fee.
  • Transcripts sent automatically for FREE. LRSC automatically sends your grades to the UND Registrar at the end of the semester for free.
  • Accelerated 8-week Terms. Complete a semester-length class in only 8 weeks. Catch-up, or get ahead on your degree requirements.

A new UND Collaborative Agreement is required each semester a student chooses to enroll in classes at Lake Region State College Grand Forks Air Force Base campus.

A Student Base Pass must be requested each term you plan to attend classes at Lake Region State College Grand Forks Air Force Base campus. Request a Student Base Pass free of charge.


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