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School Certification for Veteran Students

This form must be filled out each term of enrollment. Failure to complete this form fully will cause a delay in processing your enrollment verification and monthly G.I. benefits.

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Last Name*
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Zip code*
Daytime phone*
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Date of Birth (MM/DD/YYYY)
Degree program*
Number of Credits enrolled per term
Period of Enrollment
Are you taking classes at the Grand Forks Air Force Base
Are you currently Active Duty military?
Are you using VA benefits as a:
Service Member's Military Branch:
Are you using military Tuition Assistance in addition to the GI Bill?
If yes, list type:
VA Chapter:
Are you attending another Institution now?
If yes, which Institution?
Have you used VA benefits at another Institution?
If yes, have you filed VA Form 22-1995?

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