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Residence Life/Housing 800.08

Facilities, Contracts and Regulations

  1. Lake Region State College offers campus living to students in three residence halls.
  2. Each returning resident must sign a “Contract for Residence Halls” for a room for a school year. New students must apply for housing by completing the Application for Housing form and sign a “Contract for Residence Halls”.
  3. Services
    1. All resident hall rooms are provided with digital cable service.
    2. All rooms in college residence halls are furnished with single beds, limited wardrobe and drawer space and desks and chairs. Students are responsible for their own bed linens, pillows, spreads and blankets. Refer to the Housing Contract for allowable student furnishings.
    3. Students attending Lake Region State College and living in the residence halls have access to free, high speed internet access. Resident hall students interested in renting an internet-ready computer from the college are required to complete a rental agreement form with Information Technology.
    4. Laundry rooms are equipped with R-card operated washers and dryers.
    5. Each room is provided with a student mailbox. Mail service will be provided Monday through Friday.
    6. Contact either the RA (Resident Assistant) or AD (Assistant Director) and fill out the proper form for needed repairs for maintenance.
    7. During the academic year, a limited number of outdoor outlets are available for rent to students. Students must provide their own extension cord and only one vehicle should be plugged into each outlet. There is a charge for these outlets for the winter with reservations made at the Business Office.
    8. Refrigerators are allowed in student rooms. Students need to bring their own. Size limit is four cubic feet unless other arrangements have been made.
    9. All Resident Halls are alcohol and tobacco free.
    10. No soliciting is allowed in the residence halls. This includes representatives of businesses as well as door-to-door salespersons.
    11. In the event of a tornado and/or severe weather, the warning signal is a steady tone or ringing of bells lasting 3 to 4 minutes. Students living in Gilliland and South Hall should go to the basement next to Central Receiving, and students in North Hall should go to the basement areas next to the kitchen.
  4. Guidelines to Residence Life
    1. Administrative Structure
      The residence halls are part of the Academic and Student Affairs Division. The Director of Housing has direct authority and responsibility of administering the residence hall The Director of Housing supervises the Assistant Director of Housing, who in turn supervises the Resident Assistants (RA’s), all of whom are charged with creating and maintaining a residence hall living environment conducive to learning and personal growth. This charge carries with it the responsibility of enforcing the rules and regulations of the residence halls and the authority to take the action necessary when rule infractions occur.
    2. Residence Hall Staff
      The residence hall staff serve three primary functions:
      1. To be of service to students. This can take many different forms, from providing a friendly ear to organizing programs which interest or benefit residents.
      2. To perform administrative tasks, such as checking students in and out of rooms, locking outside doors, distributing mail, duty rounds, etc.
      3. To enforce the guidelines outlined in the LRSC policy manual, Residence Hall Contract and student handbook.
  5. Checking In/Checking Out/Improper Check Out
    1. Checking In
      1. All students are required to check into the residence halls to verify room assignments and complete a Room Condition Form.
      2. All standard furnishings must remain with the room and may not be removed or exchanged between rooms. All items listed on the room inventory must be in place when the student checks out.
    2. Checking Out
      1. Students need to follow the below guidelines when checking out. Failure to follow checkout procedures or failing to checkout will result in a fine up to $100.
      2. Student must sign up for checkout with a Housing staff member 24 hours prior to departure. At the time of checkout, the staff member will conduct a room inspection and collect keys.
      3. Student room must be returned to its original condition. This means rooms must be cleaned, floors swept/washed, and all furniture must be returned and assembled.
  6. Entry of Student Rooms
    College policy on privacy of student rooms stipulates that room entry will be restricted to the following instances:
    1. The Lake Region State College Residence Hall Contract stipulates that room inspections may be made by staff for reasons of residence maintenance. Whenever possible, 24 hour notice will be given to the student prior to entry. In addition, pre-announced room inspections will be held to check for general sanitation and/order. Safety inspections will be made at the closing of Fall Semester and the closing of Spring Break.
    2. When residence or college officials reasonably fear danger to health, safety, life or property.
    3. When residence or college officials have just cause to suspect a violation of college regulations.
    4. During periods of academic recess primarily for maintenance purposes. Whenever possible, rooms will be entered when the room’s occupants are present and college officials to be present during room entry.
    5. If the occupants are not present when the room entry is needed, the occupants will be notified of the time and reason for the entry.
  7. Deposit/Damage Policies
    Costs are outline in the student handbook for damages that may occur in the Residence Halls. Costs related to damages, cleaning or lost keys will be billed to the resident’s account.
  8. Resident Behavior
    Students must follow the LRSC Student Conduct Policy 800.30.
  9. Visitor Policy
    1. Guests – All guests are subject to all LRSC policies including the policies of the residence halls. Residents are responsible for their guests’ behaviors and actions.
    2. Overnight Guests – Adult residents may have adult guests stay overnight for up to three consecutive nights as long as it is acceptable with all of the roommates and suitemates. At the beginning of the semester, residents will fill out the Overnight Visitors Agreement form for their room/suite. When there is not unanimous agreement, the most conservative view will prevail. No overnight guests will be allowed prior to the start of each semester, during the first week of school, the last two weeks of the semester and during breaks (winter and spring break).
    3. Use of Restrooms - When a guest of a resident is not of the same gender, the resident shall escort the guest to the restroom, ensure the restroom is clear of residents, and remain outside the restroom to alert others. All residents shall respect the need for guests to use the restroom and shall afford them the opportunity for privacy.
  10. Juveniles in the Residence Halls
    For the purpose of this policy, the word “juvenile” means anyone under 18 years of age. Resident hall staff have the authority to request identification of anyone entering the residence halls. No juvenile will be allowed in the residence halls as a guest or visitor unless they are a current student and at least 17 years of age. Juveniles may live in the resident hall under special circumstances approved by the Director of Housing or if they are a child of a student living in the campus apartments. Unauthorized juveniles found in the residence halls will be asked to leave the premises immediately. If the juvenile does not cooperate with the staff, law enforcement will be called to remove the juvenile and contact his/her parents.
  11. Alcohol and Drug Policy
    Lake Region State College prohibits any alcohol or illegal drugs in the residence halls (See Alcohol and Drug Policy 1500.15).
  12. Student Complaints and Students Grievances
    The process for filing complaints and student grievances can be found in LRSC Policy 800.31.
  13. Residence Hall Association (RHA)
    1. The RHA is the residence hall governance association. The RHA meets on a regular basis throughout the academic year. This association provides an opportunity for student input concerning residence hall programming, rules and policies. All residents are eligible to serve as representatives to the RHA. Students are encouraged to participate in this opportunity and to be involved in their own environment and governance. The RHA operates under a constitution, is recognized by the Student Senate and fulfills all requirements of recognized campus organizations.
    2. See Section 1400.04 for the RHA Constitution.

Administrative Council Approved Updates 08/17/15
Administrative Council Approved Updates 09/28/15


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