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  • When students cannot add/drop a course through Campus Connection because of trying to enroll in a "closed" class, trying to enroll in more than 19 credits, or other special circumstances, students may need to:
    • Pick up ADD/DROP form in the Registrar's Office
    • Get advisor or instructor's approval and signature
  • To drop or withdraw from all classes for a term will need to submit a Withdrawal Request Form
    • Students cannot drop their final or only class through their Campus Connection account

Student Financial Obligation Agreement

The student financial obligation is an understanding on the part of the student of the legal obligation to pay charges assessed  to their Student Account.

Watch the Financial Obligation Video to see the step by step process of Financial Obligation Agreement.

How to Access the Financial Obligation Agreement: 

  1. Log into Campus Connection
  2. On your Student Center under "My Account" click on "Details"
  3. Click on "Financial Obligation Agreement"
  4. Choose "Academic Institution" LRSC1 from drop down menu
  5. Choose "Effective Term" from drop down menu
  6. Click "Submit" to open the Financial Obligation Agreement for that term
  7. After reading through the Financial Obligation Agreement click "Accept" or "Decline"
  8. If you Accept you can continue on the class enrollment by clicking "OK"
  9. Click "Enroll" on your Student Center to add classes for the current term

NOTE: If you "Decline" you will not be able to enroll in classes for the current term. A hold preventing enrollment in classes will remain on your Student Center throughout the current term.

If you have questions, contact the LRSC Business Office 701-662-1504 or 1-800-443-1313 ext. 21504


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