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Dropping Courses or Withdrawing from School


Students may drop courses on their own through their Campus Connection accounts in most cases. However, a student who is enrolled in only one class or who has already dropped all but one class, will not be able to drop that last class; instead the onlineWithdrawal Request formmust be submitted.


Course Drop

This procedure allows a student to drop some courses based on term date and deadline regulations. The student will not be able to drop all courses and will maintain enrollment in at least one course for the term.
  1. Student must drop course in Campus Connection, in compliance with the Dates and Deadlines schedule for the applicable term.
  2. Failure to drop a course in Campus Connection, on or before the last day to drop, will result in a grade being earned in the class.
  3. The date the student successfully completes the course drop in Campus Connection will determine how it appears on the transcript and the amount of any refund due.
  4. Courses where grades have already been earned or completed may not be dropped. (If a student is administratively dropped for nonattendance it will result in an earned grade.)
  5. Refer to the information below for general drop and refund deadlines.
  6. Refunds are based on the course start and end dates listed in Campus Connection.

Withdrawing from School

If you are considering withdrawing from all your classes at least for one term, you are strongly encouraged to contact your advisor, Student Services, TRiO or the Director of Counseling prior to completing the Withdrawal Request form. They can assist you in determining if withdrawal is appropriate for you or if there are other options that would allow you to remain enrolled in some or all of your classes. Be sure to consider all options before withdrawing. You may contact our Director of Counseling at (701) 662-1546 or send an email

The Withdrawal Request form must be submitted on or prior to the last day to drop for the course or term. Please note that the shorter terms, (such as the 8 week Term I or II courses at the GFAFB,) have different drop deadlines than the full semester courses. Refunds are based on the date the Withdrawal Request form is submitted.

Fall 2014 Refund Dates

100% Refund

75% Refund 50% Refund 0% Refund
Regular Term 09/03/14 10/03/14 11/02/14 11/03/14
Early 8 Week & GFAFB Term I
08/28/14 09/11/14 09/25/14 09/26/14
Late 8 Week & GFAFB Term II
10/30/14 11/13/14 11/27/14 11/28/14
Withdrawal Request Form
Once the withdrawal form has been filled out, please verify your withdrawal in Campus Connection in 7 days.