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Dropping Class(es) vs. Withdrawing from School

Dropping Courses or Withdrawing from School

Dropping a course or courses, but maintaining enrollment in at least one course, is a different process than withdrawing from all courses for the semester and has different consequences as explained below. Students who need to withdraw from school or drop all classes for a semester should not drop their classes in Campus Connection; instead, they should complete the Withdrawal Request form on the website. Dropping courses may result in a reduced refund amount.

Drop Deadlines – Students can usually add or drop classes on their own through their Campus Connection accounts, although there are some situations that require special permission from the instructor or advisor, or an override from the Registrar’s Office. Each semester there are deadlines for adding or dropping classes and the deadlines may vary depending upon the dates of the classes. For instance, the classes that run 8 weeks will have earlier deadlines than the classes that run the full semester and online classes that run 10 weeks will also have different deadlines. Students may see the drop deadlines for each of their classes by signing in to their Student Center and going to Academic Calendar Deadlines.

Dropping courses – Students who drop a class or classes, (but do not completely withdraw from school,) will receive a 100% refund only if the class(es) are dropped before 9% of the class length has elapsed. After the 9% point of the class, no refund will be issued if the class is dropped, unless the student is completely withdrawing from school for the semester.

The class length calculation is based on the start and end dates of the class as shown on the class schedule in Campus Connection and all calendar days are included, not just class days. The 100% refund deadline is the same as the “last date to add or drop without record.”

Course Drop

This procedure allows a student to drop some courses based on term date and deadline regulations. The student will not be able to drop all courses and will maintain enrollment in at least one course for the term.

  1. Student must drop course in Campus Connection in compliance with the drop deadlines for the applicable term.
  2. Student should verify that their Study List shows the class as “dropped” or with a grade of “W;” if it does not, there may have been an error with the class drop process.
  3. Failure to drop a course in Campus Connection, on or before the last day to drop, will result in a grade being earned in the class.
  4. The date the student successfully completes the course drop in Campus Connection will determine how it appears on the transcript and the amount of any refund that may be due.
  5. Courses cannot be dropped if grades have already been earned or entered. (If a student is administratively dropped for nonattendance it will result in an earned grade.)

Withdrawing from School

Dropping all classes in a semester is considered to be “withdrawing from school,” at least for that semester. Students who wish to withdraw from all classes should not try to drop their classes in Campus Connection because refunds will not be calculated correctly and they will not be able to drop their final class. Instead of dropping classes, they should complete the Withdrawal Request form.

Students who are considering withdrawing from school are encouraged to talk with their advisor, Student Services, TRiO or the Dir of Counseling prior to submitting the Withdrawal Request form. They can assist students in determining if withdrawal is appropriate of it there are other options that might allow student to remain enrolled and complete some classes. Be sure to consider all options before withdrawing. Students may contact our Director of Counseling, Brigitte Greywater, at 701-662-1546 or by email

The Withdrawal Request form must be submitted on or before the last day to drop for the course or term. It will be processed by the appropriate departments, and any refunds calculated, effective as of the date the form is submitted.  Once a Withdrawal Request has been submitted, the student will not be able to enroll in any additional classes during that semester.  The student will not be withdrawn from any classes that have already received a grade, including a W, so if the student has already dropped some classes before completing the Withdrawal Request, those classes will not be included in the refund calculation.

GFAFB Additional Information

Civilians: civilian students who drop all of their classes for a term must immediately return their Student Base Pass to the Lake Region State College office at the GFAFB Education Center.

Military: military students who drop classes must visit with Lake Region staff regarding procedures to cancel your tuition assistance.‚Äč

Withdrawal Request Form

Once the withdrawal form has been filled out, please verify your withdrawal in Campus Connection in 7 days.


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